Intralogistics software

EASY-FLOW (Material Flow Control Software)

System specialized in material flow control between stock warehouses and picking and production lines, by defining the routes based on orders or production orders. It controls the automated diverters for picking lines, Miniloads / Stacker Cranes, shipping and sorting lines. Its router functionalities allow the creation of dynamic routes between circuits and picking lines, including

EASY-PICKING (Picking-by-light system control software)

Specialized software for control of order picking lines, controlling production, flow and distribution of orders and allocation of SKUs in automated and semi-automated lines. Características principais: Direct integration with PLCs; Data integration with any marketed ERP or WMS through WebService, database (SQL/Server, Oracle, among others) or flat files (TXT/XML/CSV); Picking by SKU or addresses and

EASY-WCS (Warehouse Control System)

When a large portion of the processes in a warehouse or distribution center is automated, EASY-WCS receives a high volume of requests. All needs are processed intelligently and properly interspersed without waste of time. However, some flexibility is required so that urgent orders can be fit in and processed quickly and reliably, regardless of the

EASY-SUPERVISOR (Equipment operational monitoring software)

The Maintenance Management Software is a complete maintenance platform that allows profitability to be increased and costs to be reduced, through remote access, HINT® and BRINT® can access components and devices from its facility. Any triggered alarm at your facility of conveyor systems, Miniloads, Stacker Cranes, or any automated material and product storage and handling