PBM – BRINT® Picking-by-monitor

The Picking-by-Monitor system is an advanced and innovative picking system, which helps the operators in order and product picking lines. It is similar to Picking-by-Light, however it has a monitor to help the operator to perform item picking. The main objective is to replace the less efficient processes used with picking list by an automated process through LED displays with or without button, and through a monitor on each station, and this way, making product picking faster, more precise, increasing line productivity and accuracy in different industries.

The main added value of the PBM system is the visual indication of the product to be picked on the monitor screen, facilitating and helping a lot the operator in the order picking process.

Its main functions are the indication of the quantity and item to be picked, picking confirmation through integrated button, visual indication of the item to be picked, production and picking control by station, order distribution and SKU allocation, indication of quantity of lacking SKU, indication of order number, indication of item position on the shelves, aside from eliminating the need of printers for picking list.

In addition, with the use of PBM technology, the entire system and management software have the real-time product and picking line information, improving the system and process as a whole.


  • Picking from 800 to 1,000 units/hour;
  • Elimination of Picking List;
  • Increase of picking accuracy;
  • Low investment, as it only needs PCs;
  • It allows work with no electrical energy provided that the EASY-PICKING system is connected to the UPS.