Sortation systems

“Shipping is Invoicing”

The nerve center of a logistics operation, shipping needs to be precise, safe and fast. These three conditions are determinant factors to ensure the presence of a company in its market niche and in an increasingly more competitive market. To ensure presence is to ensure business perpetuity.

BRINT® can offer various types of automated product selection, sorting or classification systems. The automated classification systems are mainly used in distribution centers of the most diverse market segments, including fashion, electronics, consumer goods, media, pharmacy, etc. Systems such as this can perform in an automatic, organized and safe way, tasks that the company would currently take days and would involve a large number of people. Our solutions are going to search for the best technology that suits your type of market, and your type of operation.

There are several types of volume Selection, Sorting and Classification systems, each with its own characteristics and specific applications. BRINT® develops and implements the most diverse solutions for the most diverse types of applications, from those of low capacity up to the fastest and most sophisticated types.

“Speed and Precision”

To ship with precision, it is necessary to have agility and safety in all processes that involve the product dispatch.

BRINT® offers in its portfolio of solutions, systems that guarantee the correct and safe routing of shipments to their destinations using the most modern technologies.

The systems are extremely simple and robust, of practically intuitive and low cost operation, which will surely bring various competitive advantages to your operations. These systems can operate complementing existing selection systems since they are easy to integrate. They can be installed together with new solutions due to their low cost, and can also be operated individually, being the first step of automation in an operation.