The Micro-Sorter is a tilt tray sorter that is ideal for high-accuracy sortation of small and lightweight items. The Micro- Sorter’s simple yet innovative design is life tested for proven reliability. GBI’s customers report up to 99.95% and better sort accuracy at speeds up to 20,000 trays per hour.

The Micro-Sorter is durable, has few moving parts, and easy to maintain. The modular component design is scalable, and may be expanded, or reconfigured to meet the customer’s changing requirements.

GBI has been the industry innovator and leader in small tilt tray sorters for over 20 years. We brought to market the first highspeed Micro-Sorter for jewelry and the media processing industry. Our Micro Sorter is a sorter of choice for customers with very small items.

Each standard GBI Micro-Sorter is customized to meet the needs of each customer’s operation.

Industry and Applications:

  • Jewelry, and accessories;
  • Consumer and Industrial Electronics;
  • Beauty Aids/Cosmetics, Health Care, Pet Care Products, Optical, Pharmaceutical;
  • Postal, Micro and Mini Parcels;
  • Consumer Goods;
  • Greeting Cards, Office Supplies, Lottery, Flat Apparel;
  • And many more.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Safe transporting and gentle deployment of a variety of product mixes, including extra small and light products;
  • Rugged durable and reliable construction;
  • Convenient loading;
  • Proven technology.