Automated volume sizing, Check weight and Measurement

Automated volume measurement

There are two types of automated volume sizing systems that BRINT® offers as solution for checking of weight and volume that will be transported.

Automated label detection and reading tunnel

It is intended for companies that require a large flow of volumes, and as it is automated, it does not require an operator dedicated to this operation, thus, enabling large production capacity combined with agility of the process as a whole.

Semi-automated static volume measurement

It is intended for companies that have an average or low volume flow, and because it is semi-automated, it requires a dedicated operator for handling of volumes that must be checked. This solution meets weight and volume measurement needs with speed and precision, ensuring your profitability and control with low investment.

Operational advantages:

  • It allows integration with your ERP;
  • High productivity and agility;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Control of shipments;
  • Increase of service level to customers;
  • Reduction of waste and costs;
  • Increase of your profitability;
  • Mitigation of reworks and reverse logistics.