Shipping and Routing

Sortation systems

“Shipping is Invoicing” The nerve center of a logistics operation, shipping needs to be precise, safe and fast. These three conditions are determinant factors to ensure the presence of a company in its market niche and in an increasingly more competitive market. To ensure presence is to ensure business perpetuity. BRINT® can offer various types

SMS – Smart sorter

The volume Classifier SMART SORTER® from BRINT® was developed for operations where there is a need to classify and pick the most varied types of volumes, such as: Distribution centers, Pharmaceutical Distributors, Check Weight and Volume Measurement Systems, Carriers and Logistics Operators. Versatile and Robust, the Classifier SMART SORTER® provides the customer the possibility to

Cross Belt Sorter

* Rates vary depending on the carrier size The Cross Belt Sorter is perfect for applications that require high accuracy and fast sortation as well as the ability to handle items of varied sizes, shapes and weights. The Cross Belt Sorter can carry and sort items weighing from 5 grams to 60 Kg (0.2oz to


The Micro-Sorter is a tilt tray sorter that is ideal for high-accuracy sortation of small and lightweight items. The Micro- Sorter's simple yet innovative design is life tested for proven reliability. GBI's customers report up to 99.95% and better sort accuracy at speeds up to 20,000 trays per hour. The Micro-Sorter is durable, has few

Mid Capacity Tilt Tray Sorter

The Medium Capacity Tilt Tray Sorter is ideal for high-accuracy sortation of items weighing up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs). The sorter's simple yet innovative design is life tested for proven reliability. GBI's customers report up to 99.95% and better sort accuracy at speeds up to 12,000 trays per hour. The Medium Capacity Sorter is

Auxiliary vehicle loading systems

“Ergonomics, Ease, Speed” Everything correctly picked, with perfect routing, now all it needs is to load the vehicle! In shipping, the last point of the process is sometimes the most complex. Ensuring that volumes are loaded on dispatch vehicles in an orderly, fast, ergonomic way and, furthermore, undamaged, can be one of the toughest tasks.

SFX – Smart flex

Extensible Roller or Gravity Caster or Motorized Roller Conveyor. Versatility, Ergonomics and Robustness. Benefits: Versatile equipment prepared to meet the most diverse needs; It provides cost reduction with dislocations; Low noise level, low maintenance, extremely friendly operation; Maximum availability, reliability and robustness; Modern design with light elements - low power consumption in the motorized roller

Automated volume sizing, Check weight and Measurement

Automated volume measurement There are two types of automated volume sizing systems that BRINT® offers as solution for checking of weight and volume that will be transported. Automated label detection and reading tunnel It is intended for companies that require a large flow of volumes, and as it is automated, it does not require an