FLR – Flow rack

BRINT® flow racks are the heart of any picking system, as they make available the product acquired by the customer directly for product picking, which will sent it accordingly to shipping process.

Our flow-racks include the structures with folded carbon steel plate profiles, with rear and front supports prepared for maintenance and support of the galvanized carbon steel rails.

They are supplied with partitions between tracks made with folded galvanized carbon steel plate profile, installed in the intermediate spans of each location, embedded in the fixation combs.

The structure fixation connectors are made with folded carbon steel plate profiles and are prepared for fixation on the existing support structure, with the possibility of tilt adjustment.

The finish of the structure profiles is done with electrostatic painting in BRINT® standard orange color.

The flow-rack rails are all made of galvanized carbon steel or aluminum profiles, with polymer casters with diameter of 28 mm and pitch of 30 mm (wheelbase), and have an excellent load capacity of 35 kg/linear meter.

Among the countless benefits we can highlight:

  • Robustness, Versatility, Interchangeability and Adaptability to existing systems through preliminary assessment;
  • Reduction of direct and indirect operating costs;
  • Ecologically sustainable, as it does not require use of activation for product handing;
  • Flexible design;
  • High Productivity, Accuracy and does not require maintenance;
  • Developed and manufactured in Brazil.