Order picking lines

In a world moved by consumption, an automated picking line can represent the difference between a company’s failure and success.

We at BRINT® envision, design and successfully implement, a multitude of automated order picking lines, in order to help our customers solve their bottlenecks and, hence, increase the service level offered to their consumers, thus mitigating delays and errors.

Prepare now for the future with our automated order picking solutions.

The major advantages of our order picking lines are:

  • Robustness, Versatility, Interchangeability and Adaptability to existing systems;
  • Reduced number of spare parts;
  • Reduction of direct and indirect operating costs;
  • Reduced number of activations for handling;
  • Flexibility in design;
  • High Productivity, Precision and with low maintenance;
  • Manufactured in Brazil.

Box forming machine

For an efficient operation at the beginning or at the end of your line or system, automated box forming machines, or also commonly called cartoning machines, can be used. These machines allow the availability of manpower for greater added value operations, as well as they allow greater precision, speed and flexibility in your operation. We


Order-start is part of the initial process of an order picking line and it is essential to have an organized and efficient start so as not to compromise the remaining stages of the operation. BRINT®, using the latest technology and modern development techniques, makes available to the market a very compact and highly efficient Order-start

FLR – Flow rack

BRINT® flow racks are the heart of any picking system, as they make available the product acquired by the customer directly for product picking, which will sent it accordingly to shipping process. Our flow-racks include the structures with folded carbon steel plate profiles, with rear and front supports prepared for maintenance and support of the

Tote or carton conveyors

BRINT® carton conveyors are designed in modular format and have high embedded technology, with integrated controls so that the cartons may be accumulated or not, according to the needs of each project. Its modularity allows them to be purchased in parts, enabling their expansion and change of layout at any time, reusing the initial investment.

ESP – Order picking station

Ergonomic workstations result in lower costs, higher quality, and in most cases, they reduce production time of orders and retrievals in the stock. Using workstations with ergonomic design is one of the investments that promises large return. For example, various applications around the world have already demonstrated that goods in ergonomically correct workplaces, provided by

Trash conveyor

The handling of empty boxes in an operation can be a separate challenge if not properly considered in your project. Since the options available in the market are extremely economically unfeasible, we at BRINT® have developed a conveyor dedicated to this function, so that the boxes can automatically return to the starting point for then

Automatic label printer and applicator

BRINT® offers to its customers solid partnerships to include, in their system supply scope, all the equipment that form part of the order picking solution. We then make available to our customers, as optional items, automated label printers and applicators, which are installed directly in the conveyor lines. They are responsible for printing and applying

Check weight

BRINT® is concerned with the entire chain that makes up an order picking solution, as well as full information control. For this reason, BRINT® makes available to the market dynamic check weight solutions, which are integrated with the conveyor system, so that the product may be weighted and checked during handling, thus increasing the availability

Automated volume sizing, Check weight and Measurement

Automated volume measurement There are two types of automated volume sizing systems that BRINT® offers as solution for checking of weight and volume that will be transported. Automated label detection and reading tunnel It is intended for companies that require a large flow of volumes, and as it is automated, it does not require an

Box strapping machine

BRINT® makes available solutions for strapping of boxes, bundles and products packed on pallets, which have an excellent cost-benefit ratio. To ensure the integrity of your products during transport, BRINT® can assess your need and, thus. offer the most adequate solution to your need. We have in our scope automated and manual strapping machines that