EASY-PICKING (Picking-by-light system control software)

Specialized software for control of order picking lines, controlling production, flow and distribution of orders and allocation of SKUs in automated and semi-automated lines.

Características principais:

  • Direct integration with PLCs;
  • Data integration with any marketed ERP or WMS through WebService, database (SQL/Server, Oracle, among others) or flat files (TXT/XML/CSV);
  • Picking by SKU or addresses and stock;
  • It allows configuration of up to 30 stations per server with flow from 300 to 1200 boxes per hour;
  • It has no limit of items per Picking List or station;
  • Automated or Semi-Automated Order Start;
  • It allows returnable boxes, or final order boxes to be used;
  • Generation of Order Start and shipping labels;
  • Web Interface for Line Supervision and Control:
      – Statistical reports by operator and station;
      – It allows configuration of multiple weight Checks;
      – Supervision of integration events;
      – Supervision of automated readings of line scanners;
      – Simple and efficient check screen.
  • 100% integrated to the EASY-FLOW, which allows the classification of volumes automatically by conveyor, routes and other consolidators during shipping.
  • Simple and efficient, a new operator can be trained in only one hour and to operate completely his station.
  • In PBL option, it allows sharing of displays for multiple SKUs, generating cost savings in design, without losing speed in the process.
  • It supports Batch Picking if used with PTL.