ROWA® – Robotic storage and dispensing

The High amount of products, increasingly reduced spaces, and high cost of areas in large cities, coupled with high real-time stock management needs, require a new high-density and high control level storage concept.

Seeking worldwide the most innovative there is in product storage and handling technology, BRINT® developed a firm partnership with CAREFUSION ROWA. This highly respected German company started its activities 10 years ago with an automated Robot-controlled storage technology for unit products (cartons, small packages and bottles). Currently, this technology is widely applied in pharmacies for the storage of high value products and controlled drugs.

The CAREFUSION group was recently acquired by the BD multinational group, world leader in medical technology, BD Beckon Dickinson, which is dedicated to improving people’s health around the world. The company produces and markets medical devices, equipment and reagents.

  • Market leader in automated storage and dispensing systems for Pharmacies;

  • Over 6,000 Robots installed worldwide;

  • 63% of World market share;

  • ROWA SMART SYSTEM Standardized machines for 9,000 up to 15,000 items;

  • 4,000 packages or boxes per m2.


  • Reduction of the number of salespersons on service counters;
  • A 25% increase in sales, as attendants and pharmacists are dedicated to attending customers and offering them new products, while ROWA automatically searches for the drugs selected by the attendant and previously chosen by the customer;
  • Elimination of inventories;
  • Total control of inputs and outputs in stock;
  • Access control for entrance in the ROWA Robot;
  • Reduction and prevention of robberies, misplacements, thefts, and losses due to damages;
  • Elimination of sales losses due to product shortage on the shelves, as often products are inside the stores, but they are not located by attendants, causing what we call “shelf breakdown”;
  • Increase of more profitable product display and sales areas and more accessible to customers, such as OTCs, Dermocosmetics, etc. which have higher profitability to the store.