Automated storage and retrieval systems

Stacker crane

An Automated Storage and Retrieval System for Pallets (AS/RS), or as we call in Brazil “STACKER CRANE”, is an extremely robust solution, in which vertical storage systems are used where automatically controlled vehicles with one or two masts perform the transport and storage of one or two pallets simultaneously. Storage systems with Stacker Crane are


The Miniload System is an automated storage system for totes, cartons or trays. This system integrates, in a single product, the shelves, machines and the warehouse management system. It is formed by one or more aisles where one or more machines circulate, and by two shelves located on both sides for storing boxes or trays.

ROWA® – Robotic storage and dispensing

The High amount of products, increasingly reduced spaces, and high cost of areas in large cities, coupled with high real-time stock management needs, require a new high-density and high control level storage concept. Seeking worldwide the most innovative there is in product storage and handling technology, BRINT® developed a firm partnership with CAREFUSION ROWA. This