Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), is a term used when a company produces a part or a subsystem that is used in the end product of another company.

The term is used in various ways, each of them within a context. This term refers to the manufacturer of a part or subassembly and sometimes to a tier manufacturer or supplier in the final assembly.

The OEM PARTNER is more than a simple supplier; it is a direct participant in its customer’s success. Thinking of this, BRINT created a complete division exclusively to be in the service of this important market segment.

Our modular line of standardized equipment offers an unsurpassable cost-benefit to machine manufacturers and systems integrators.

Our line provides the convenience of being able to rely on local engineering and specialized technicians who are ready to be at the service of any customer by delivering the necessary support.

The BRINT OEM equipment line is perfect for your company, take a look at a few examples:

  • Robot Manufacturers or Integrators;
  • Airport X-Ray Machine Manufacturers;
  • Food Industry Machine Manufacturers;
  • Beverage Industry Machine Manufacturers;
  • Packaging Machine Manufacturers;
  • Diverse Machine System Integrators;
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers;
  • Plastic Blower and Injector Manufacturers.

Make an inquiry, compare and check out all advantages and benefits of being able to rely on real partner company!

Our standardized equipment is produced solely with certified and commercial materials and components, thus we ensure robustness, safety, modern design, high quality, durability, low maintenance and mainly the satisfaction of our customers and their customers.

For all these requirements, we have developed innovative and effective solutions and with the best cost-benefit, as they are described below: